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Default RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

hi, don't ge me wrong, i surf a Go139 myself and i love it. But the proposed boards are 144 or 170 in content. Considering aegeanskipper weighs 85 K, i think, as he wants a board to last longer than just beyond getting better at windsurfing, i suppose it would be more interesting to buy a board with a smaller content like the 144, he can properly stand on it and he can pull more rigs on it for a longer perios. I mean, in Attika, i know that the winds are relatively low winds, but never so low that one needs a 10 m² rig. Even where i surf, with low winds i can't carry a rig over 9 m² on my Go139. However, with high winds i can rig my go with a 5.5 without too many problems except in it's handeling then, but once i can rig 5.5 i switch to a 113 l board.
Personally i try to make publicity for the Go boards with lower content (139-129), but for the boards with a higher content, i think it's more interesting to be looking at carve boards, hybrids or just at rentals because you get bored of them quite rapidly. I mean, my dad owns a 220 l board, andv it's a good learners board and it planes rapidly, but in higher winds, i'm setting one foot on that board because it just flies out of controle without even having even enough speeds to keep up with others if i put on a simular rig. I mean, when i rigged a 5.5, my dad rigged a 6.2, superoverpowered he was, and he barely caught up with me.
The go boards are great boards, i can't possibly dissagree, but i don't think the purchase of Go boards with higer content is all that interesting compared to e.g the Carves. If you'd have suggested a Go 139 i'd have forced you to buy it though .

anyway, hope it helps
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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