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Default RE: Hatteras and Fins

Hi bobwil,

Not sure about your schedule, but I can highly recommend Wolfgang Lessacher's carbon Duo Weed fins. I'm using a 34cm with my 8.3, but I also found that it still works well with my 7.0 too. I also have a 28cm that I use up to 7.0. The thing that I really appreciate with Lessacher's asymmetrical designs is their ability to resist spinout, especially driving hard to windward.

However, there are two factors that might complicate things a bit. Lessacher makes fins to order, and he is located in Germany, so the leadtime is typically in the 3-4 week range. If you have this extra time to work with, its a great direction to go.

Another option to consider would be True Ames Fins. Chuck Ames usually has a fairly extensive stock available, so leadtime would very likely be quite good. Check out what's available at the following website.

Also, in light of the fact that True Ames fins are carried by many US retailers, it's quite likely that one of the shops in the local Hatteras area will carry some inventory.

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