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Default RE: Why I'm into longboards

Yeah longboards are really cool!!

I kite and windsurf, but when summer comes and I want to sail anywhere without a struggle then I pull out the old longboards and have a blast. I'm looking forward to this new 380 Phantom, about time the brands got back into this class, I was so sad when I never got a Pan Am. Now they are getting back into this class and going all out it seems with big boards and big fins!!

The new SB looks great, I guess it might be a bit different by the time production rolls around. It does look a bit less classic than the old Equipes which in IMO were the best looking longboard built. If the SB had the wide point just a tad further forward and a slightly pointier nose and tail, she'd look sweet!! B) Of course she's built to be fast, looks come secondary, but I'm sure in real life she'll look fine!!

Anyway lets see some pictures!!!
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