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Default RE: Why I'm into longboards

I admit, a longboard and a SUP would fit perfectly in my
K 96, Skate 100, AE 127, FE 160, Go 180 quiver, but I would not dump my quiver for one (long)board.
It's not like were trying to convince everyone that we should all start surfing longboards Just that for a lot of riders it's impossible to surf in good conditions all the time. I mean, i have a good quiver for my surfspot: Go139 for the medium winds i encounter most, a flow284 for the high winds and small sails, and a fanatac race 340 longboard for the lightwind days. Perfect quiver, but i mean, if you encounter a lot of lightwinds in summer, why invest in like huuuuuuge sails and extremely expensive formula boards when you can use you smaller sails on a longer, slimmer board and still get good speed though you don't really get the planning feel.
And now even, with the phantom race 380 i think longboard surfing is gonne get a new aspect: a propper planning longboard with the big formula sails: more speed in lower winds. Though it'll be tricky in the turns...
Exocet began in 2006 with the first kona, today starboard and tabou. Soon Mistral won't be the only one with the one design monopoly! i guarantee that longboard won't just be a topic we speculate about on the forum but one we actively discuss like the formula boards.
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