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Default RE: Quiver update: Retros vs Huckers for B&F

I have it downhauled to the mark on the sail. I switched to the zFree 460. This truly feels much better than the Backbone 460 with this sail. The big thing is not trying to go out in 7.5 conditions with the 6.6 Hucker. You'll get on a plane if you rig the sail for the conditions, but you'll feel very sluggish. My 8.0 Retro is a better fit.

Also, I think if I had a chance to redo my board quiver, I would have purchased the iSonic 115 instead of the 105. The iS105 is great for me when the wind kicks up but I don't get steady enough conditions. I really should have a little more volume. It is perfect in salt water even with an 8.0 Retro onboard. Part of the reason I'm saying this probably has to do with the amount of time I'm finding I spend on my F-Type 148 and 8.0 Retro. There is a drastic difference between these two boards, but I go to the FT148 more often because it will get me on a plane sooner and upwind faster. I'll readily admit that I'm nowhere near as fast with the FT148 as I am with the iS105, but it is more about time on a plane and in the footstraps for me these days. Of course, when I get back to NC and start participating in the club races we hold down there, I'll be glad I have the iSonic for its speed. For me, it truly shines when I'm on my 5.6 Hucker. That's the combo I love it for.

I think I'm going to pull my AHD GT Special 73 out of the closet and go play on it. It has a little more volume, so should be a good fit for the wind I'm seeing right now.
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