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Default RE: Why I'm into longboards

LK, that video is fantastic, but there's almost nothing he's doing that you couldn't do with a longboard. In the OD longboard class I sail, we don't do the same sort of rig flips (because we're using the same rig we race with) but instead you can do pirouettes on the rail, somersaults around the boom from the rail, tacks and gybes on the rail, 360 everoles (sailing a full circle standing on the bottom of the upturned board), head dips on the rail, etc.

Sailing just one board is a compromise if you're looking for "ultimate performance"; but then again, all our boards are compromises of one sort of another.

It depends what you want to do - if what you enjoy is sailing just one board and learning how to use it in all conditions, then sailing 10 boards is a compromise. I'm really enjoying my OD longboard in all winds these days - the wave board, speed board, slalom board, bump 'n jump board and other gear just sits around the house.
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