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Default RE: Why I'm into longboards

Hi Guest !

Most of the shown board movements ar not doabel in a reasonabel way on a longboard.
This is shortboard freestyle.
You can do sailtricks railriding and other gimmiks and thats fine.
I am not aginst longboards.They are unbeatabel sin SOME conditions.
I maybe buy a Phantome in the near future, cause I enjøy sailing along the coast in non planing conditions too, I do it on the GO which I also use for fooling around and teaching.

BUT James statement :

Longboards are the most practical and most enjoyable boards for most people in most conditions.

is BS !!!

A one board solution for me for 5-20 kn would be a GO. Its not competive i nonplaning conditions, but goes upwind well.
You can learn on it, freeride and even race it in slalom/formula trim.

Come with a 10 kg Phantome type, appr. 320 X 80 cm maybee it could do the job.

We get 20-30 people through our WS School (appr. 13-35 years old)every year and most buy 130-160 L frerideboards, depending on theire weight, two sails and they cover 10-25 knots. And thats the conditions they like to windsurf. In < 7 knots they dont show up, go mountainbiking, swim, go to the gym, or enjoy theire family, friends, dog garden ....

Have fun
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