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Default Am I right about the mast foot position all the way back on an F-type?

Hey, just for fun I played with different mast positions on my FT 148 (10.0 sail) and guess what - when I set it all the way back the board felt like somebody unsticked it from the water! What a difference!
Although the wind was just a little too light to plane, I felt the board is almost getting on a plane when I was pumping (which also got easier btw). Few pumps and although I did not get on a full plane I was quite suprised to see how far I got from the shore in notime.
Can't wait to try it tomorrow with maybe a little stronger wind.

I found out that with my weight (200 lbs/90kg) and this large rig my nose tends to stay very flat in _low winds_ and I have to be careful all the time not to dive it under water.

So I wonder what are your comments about it.
I found this comment on rec.windsurfing about GO and large sails needing mast way back so that you ride it on its tail as it was supposedly designed:
What do you think?

And second question - how would that change with stronger winds? Should I move it forward then?

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