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Default RE: Why I'm into longboards

Agree with LK above :

1) below 7 knots of wind, Serenity + 10.6 sail is king : a tiny bit faster than a Hobbie cat 18. Board speed is typically twice that of wind speed.
2) in 7/8 knots of wind, the speed of Serenity+70 cm fin combo is topping out at around 12 knots with a 10.6 sail for my 65 kg. By comparison, a Hobbie cat 18 is faster in these conditions because it can accelerate further.
3) in the same wind as above, speed is higher (typically 15 knots) with HS105+54 cm fin with the same sail. At least it's a good match with the Hobbie cat 18 and I can pass her again in higher wind (12 knots).

I guess the most difficult part is to find the correct board quiver that nicely matches your wind range, sail quiver and body weight. I don't know if a Phantom 380 can combine the best of both world : the performance of a gliding Serenity with that of a planing hull à la HS105 in light winds (say 2-12 knots with my 65 kg) with a single large 10.x sail ?

Cheers !

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