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Default RE: Why I'm into longboards

a small comment to what Jean-Marc said: he uses the serenity as the longboard. The serenity is a nonplanning board so it's logically that from 8 knots onwards it's slower then a wide shortboard because it sticks to the water and can't accelerate further. The phantom 380 or lets say Kona would still accellerate in those contidions as these both are planning boards.
However i still agree that at a certain point because of 1) their length and 2) their weight they would start to stagger and they are surpassed in performance by a wide shortboard.
As for freestyle, i don't think it is really possible to do the tricks you can pull off on a shortboard on a longboard and vica versa appart from a few exceptions. Though i doubt that the difference in lightwind freestyle on shortboard defferes much from longboard.
But then again, all of this, and this entire thread is pure speculation as nobody seems to have ever used a phantom 320/380 or bothered to propperly compare both long and shortboards in different conditions. And i haven't heard from anyone in the SB crew that enlighted us with their views.
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