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Default RE: Why I'm into longboards

Well the phantom 380 is a race board so we can expect it to behave like one. Certainly the F2 380 is not far behind Serenity sub planning and will still plane well given 12 knots plus. Impressive, but pretty technical (awkward) to sail and not able to fly upwind on it's fin nor go deep downwind. It won't (fully) plane as early nor be as easy to sail as a Go. *board has said the 320 is slower than the 380 in all conditions.

The hybrids promise much but the weight makes them slow to plane and 'sticky' when they do. Very unpopular at Minocra sailing when I visited recently. As LK says they might make sense in the future if they can be made lighter.

So no perfect lightwind board but I guess a toss up between a Kona type or a Go type for most.
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