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Default RE: Problems going upwind

Thanks for a quick reply. I was out in between this and my first post and experienced the same problem again. Now in stronger winds than usual (15-18 knots). It is less problem going on a beam reach but very hard for me to higher than that.

Here are the answers (to the best of my abilities)

• I’ve got a Maui Sail Pursuit no-cam freeride sail.
• I seem to experience the same problem in winds from marginal for getting planing on a beam reach (10-12 knots) to conditions in which I get overpowered (20+ knots).
• Mastfoot near the middle.
• Not at all sure that the harness lines are balanced when the sail is raked back and the foot down the deck, probably not. Anyway to test that without actually being out sailing?
• Regarding the behaviour of my feet, I do get the problem with board on a fully plane and even more so when not fully planing.
• Don’t think I manage to lift my front foot and I’m afraid I too often pushing down toward the water rather than pushing across the top of the fin parallel with the surface of the water, which I guess that’s the thing to do.
• My harness lines are adjustable and out to maximum 26 inches (min. 20 inch).
• The boom is chin high. The sail is downhauled to maximum, at least when the wind is above 14-15 knots.
• Yes, I probably go too high for the conditions some times. But, it seems to me that the board bears off wind even when it is plane sideways so to speak.
• The straps are in the farthest forward and inboard positions. Bad idea?

Hope this fills in the missing information and thanks again!

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