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Default For Ian Fox: ISonic 111 vs 122

Hi Ian. Please advise on ISonic 111 vs 122 for 104 kg rider. Board should be a perfect match for Maui TR3 7.0 race sail. Most wind conditions will be between 15 - 20 knots. Can be either flat water or choppy conditions. Rider has 6 years experience, no problems with water start, jibing OK. Board will be used for speed runs and fun. Rider usaully tends to go for smaller boards, but have some concerns if IS111 is suitable for his weight and heavy race sail, ecpecially to get the board going. (Trial run on previous 115 model showed that volume is low and board was basically a sinker for rider's weight plus rig). Please elaborate on both boards capability on handling higher wind range (control), early planing, and jibing. Thanks. Dian.
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