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Default RE: I sonic 145 VS F-Type 138

My brother just sold his isonic 135 because lack of 'easy lowwind' freeriding.

This is what you can try to get a bit of bottomend back. And easy going.

Straps is closest positions. (close stance)
Masttrack in back.
Boom pretty high.
Pretty long lines.

You have to change your style a bit.

When you have above setup you will plane pretty soon and comftable.

When to much backfoot pressure lower the boom and forward masttrack.

Try to balance your sail right above the board. In very lowwind you can pul the sail a bit over yourself.

I am dutch and I hope you understand a bit. Try some things, or dont, and go back to f-type. My brother doesnt want that to tune his kit, and just want to go. Isonic is NO board just to GO. It is a board that rewards technique, and input. But when bad tuned... it isnt that much fun

My brother will not go back to starboard because HIS board (f-type/freeformula) is gone. He is planning to buy something like JP freerace/ fanatic shark?/ bic superblast.

I dont understand Why SB replaced F-type for big Isonic. The F-type fans are more freeracers who dont want tuning shit.
The pure racers buy formula board...

Why make the perfect always sold out F-type more difficult????

For what kind of surfer are the bigger ISonics made??? I dont know/understand.

Dont get me wrong I still respect for SB, and all genius boards... just had a go on a Gemini (Wonderfull!)
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