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Default RE: Am I right about the mast foot position all the way back on an F-type?

Well, I tried the new setup and yes, in lightish winds it seems to help and pumping was effective, but when the wind suddenly picked up (very strong and uncomfortable gusts) I had to sail to the nearest shore and move the mast foot forward as I couldn't stop the board from going upwind (what's the solution for that anyway, sheet in despite of the strong wind?).

Another question for which I'd love to get an answer - in the stronger winds I find it difficult to sheet in (and thus I go slow despite of the strong wind) due to the fact, that when I lean on the side to balance the powered sail I cannot get enough mast foot presure (cause my front foot work to the side, not forward) and the board goes upwind.
So I change my stance to face more forward, push with my front foot but then I cannot sheet in.
What do I do wrong?
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