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Default RE: Why I'm into longboards

"Most of the shown board movements ar not doabel in a reasonabel way on a longboard.
This is shortboard freestyle."

I've just watched the video yet again, and while it's very impressive I still can't see much in the board movements that a longboard couldn't do as well, almost as well, or perhaps even better.

Please bear in mind that I'm not talking about Raceboards, which do turn very slowly. I'm thinking about Windsurfer One Designs (which are still a major class where I come from) or Kona Ones. You have to move further back to get them to turn as fast, perhaps, but that's part of the skill and the fun. They move faster; a Windsurfer One Design with 6m sail is as fast as an RSX upwind under about 10 knots and as fast or faster around a windward/leeward course up to about 8 knots.

I don't think a railride is any more of a "gimmick" than a sail spin - they're both just freestyle tricks.

We get 20-30 people through our windsurf school a year, from 8 to 45 years old, and they buy longboards because were we are, they work better. That doesn't mean they'd work better where you are. We get reasonably good wind, but it's fluky and we're on a narrow bay.
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