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Default RE: Phantom Centre-board sticky!

Hi Revpod
I also have a new Phantom 301, having only just started to use it, i went out this past weekend and paid attention to the daggerboard's action. It operates very easily with my feet. Having said that I did notice something that you might have experienced. while sailing, if I retract the daggerboard but not fully, with the handle a couple of inches from its front posistion and then try to put the dagger back down it can't be done by my foot. back on shore i looked into it further and believe it might have to do with the flaps on the boards bottom, reversing the direction of the daggerboard without fully completeing its travel causes it to bind. So in final I have to say that it works great and is no problem using it with feet. Also let me know what you think of your board. there's not much talk about them. I love mine,enjoy!


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