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Default RE: Dagger Board Sailing

Hi WS Guy,
No, don't think anything was discovered here.
Putting the centerboard down changes the physics of jibing and sailing upwind "on the centerboard" from inside rail down in the jibes (w/o centerboard) to outside rail down in the jibes (w centerboard) and from upwind rail down to go upwind (non planing here) to lee rail down to go upwind "on the CB".
All boards with centerboards, center fins and daggerboards follow this change in physics vs shortboards with no provision for a CB.
Only difference (and you may not have discovered this) is that single fin shortboards (especially big wide ones with large span fins) can be sailed upwind most effectively with the lee rail down slightly and the lift from the fin (canted over so the root is slightly downwind of the tip) taking you upwind.
You need to lift with your front foot slightly and push hard across the top of the fin (push the tail of the board to leeward) to get the max. upwind drive from the fin here.
Hope this helps,
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