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Default RE: I sonic 145 VS F-Type 138

Hi Duracell,

I know from your more recent posts, that durability has been worrisome point in your experiences, particularly regarding wood boards. From my experiences, each of us can be uniquely tough on different windsurfing products, especially the bigger/heavier sailors that drive things real hard. Although I'm not really big or heavy, my abilities to find shortcomings, especially with booms, is uncanny. Somehow my style really tests booms, as I have destroyed almost every boom I've ever owned. I haven't touched an aluminum boom in 14 years because they were such a bummer for me. One year, I broke 6 front ends, and that was the absolute end of the world for aluminum, any aluminum in my mind. However, I'm opening up a little bit, but that would only concern the possibility of using an aluminum mast extension.

Regarding your position that full blood slalom boards are designed for a very narrow application, I would have to respectfully disagree. However, I have to qualify my position a bit, because not all the designs/brands out there are friendly in every respect, as your opinion is certainly based on real personal experiences, and very likely those of others out there, like Erik's brother.

Like I suggested earlier, I've been extremely lucky with my slalom boards. They been so balanced and controlled, but lightening quick. In addition, they last. Although I just got a new slalom board (which is very modern and quick), I'm going to still keep my 1999 slalom board in the van too, because is does so well in the surf. In the surf? Yeah, in less critical type applications (not in off the lip top to bottom sections) it holds it's own with a special slashy character. Being a narrow board (55.5cm) with a notably narrow tail too, it carves quite quickly with great speed, despite outboard placed straps. Honestly though, the strap placement on my new slalom is even more outboard. Yet, the new board is much shorter, but wider at both the mid point and the tail.

You might say, I still like both the new and old worlds. Just cause new friends enter our lives, that doesn't mean that the older ones are necessarily out the door.

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