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Default RE: the right board for me

Hi Mike,
At 200 lbs. you can still uphaul a Carve 133 or 145 ok, but it will require good techniqe and take a little while for you to learn fore/aft balance as well as rail to rail balance.
Goog luck bypassing uphauling and learning to waterstart.
I hear alot of folks who what to do this but I never meet many who've had success.
What's the matter with staying on the Bic Nova a bit longer, until you get into sails at least 6.5 m2 or larger.
The Nova, with the center fin removed, is about the same as a Carve 161 basically.
Grab a bit more proficiency with your skills on the easy board, then transfer those skills to the Carve. Might save alot of trips over the handlebars and repairing damaged noses on a board you own, vs a rental or school board that they will need to repair, but that's significantly more durable and less likely to need repair.
Hope this helps,
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