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I've got a FType 158 and am in the process of getting a Serenity. I'd appreciate input on what might be the optimum fin quiver to get the most out of these boards?

Here's what I was thinking:

The FType comes with a 64 cm Drake R13 and the Serenity comes with a Drake 70 cm (wide) as well as a Drake 41 cm (wide).

I'm guessing the Serenity's 70 cm wide is too big for the Ftype (due to the extra width) but a stock 70 cm R13 might give the best earliest planing since the FType 158 is pretty close to a Formula board.

If I were tp add a few more fins spaced at 6 cm intervals would I end up with a pretty optimized fin quiver? For example:

In addition to the fins that come with the FType 158 and Serenity maybe add the following:

Drake R13: 70 + 58 + 52 + 46

I'm guessing that the FType would take the 70, 64, and 58 while the Serenity would take the 58, 52, 46, and 41.

Is a 6 cm spacing pretty optimized or is there any reason to consider a 4 cm spacing? Should I stick with Drake/Debochet fins or consider something else?


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