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Roger, many thanks for that great feedback.

The two boards definitely overlap their fin range so it's worthwihile trying to pick sizes that will work well for both.

It'a a pity that the 70W that comes with the Serenity is a bit too big. So I have to ask - have you ever tried the Serenity's 70W on an FType? I would think that it might be great in 10-12 mph winds for early planing and the extra width of the Ftype, which reduces roll tendency, migh take the edge of the "bite" when gybing? I'd like to make good use of that fin rather than have it gather dust...

Regarding optimizing a fin quiver, should I think of spacing the fins analagous to sail size spacing in a sail quiver - ie, wider spacing for bigger sizes and smaller spacing for smaller sizes? If so, that would suggest that I use maybe 6 cm spacing at the high end (ie, 70 then 64) and then 4 cm spacing below that (ie, then 60 then 56 and maybe also then 54). Does that sound reasonable?

I'm trying to end up with a fin quiver that will be viable for these two boards in the full range of winds that I'll encounter as and also work with any other boards I may aquire down the road (that use bigger fins).

Last question: I'm curious what sail sizes you are using with your preferred fin sizes you listed for the FType 158 and Serenity? For example, on the Ftype you mentioned you might use 3 fins (ie, 70, 62, 54) and on the Serenity you might use two fins (ie, 60, 50) - what sail sizes would you typically use for each of these fins on these two boards?

Thanks again, you're a lifesaver!

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