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Default RE: Freeriding the GO 170 with formula sail


Whats your weight Ricjk ?
I(95 kg) still have a GO 180, model before the friendship,( 280 X 80)
And I still use it sometimes with 10,4 Nitro 3 and 66 cm DEB R13, works fine. Problem is, older 9-10,5 m2 formula sails are for highwind use. So for sailing on the light edge(8-10 kn) your weight, and wind quality and skill is important.
If you are >85 kg, a modern freerace, like Overdrive, GTX,V8 in a 10m2 size, or a 11m2 formula sail.
<85 kg, a 9,8-10,5 m2 formulasail does the job.
the older Nitros&#39; are real flat sails, no grunt, but fast and stabel in poweret up konditions.
Maybe you can save money on older formula sails, but remember, you do NEED the right C 100 % mast, and 260-300 cm carbon boom.
Freerace sails, like the overdrive work fine with 75 % C masts, and shorter booms.
Dont know the KA.

Have fun
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