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Default RE: Outhaul kit for Naish Spint 7.3

Good morning, Luco,

For what it's worth, yes, try an OA kit. You can make one up using Clamcleat CL244 's plus a couple of Ronstan 19mm pullies. Would strongly suggest that you use a Ronstan twin pulley at the outhaul, because this substantially lowers the force needed to outhaul the sail when under way (but you won't be able to add outhaul when under way: the force is just too great).

I'm sure you can find various pictures of AO kits on the web, including the Neil Pryde site.

It does take about 4 or 5 sessions to get the position of the Clamcleats right, then learning how to use the AO to its best advantage, but stick with it and give it a good try.

I use my AO on a 7.5m sail, mounted on 144 L wide style, 135 L super slalom and 115 L slalom boards and I'm very happy with the result. The ability to trim the outhaul on the water really adds to the pleasure of sailing and I've won more than a few drag races by being able to vary the outhaul when we run into a lull.

Hope this helps,


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