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Default RE: Formula or isonic 155 for max speed ?

Hey Foxey,

Sorry about stealing your line!!!!

GPS is an amazing tool, allows you to be more scientific.

I realize now that I was way over estimating how fast I was travelling before I got one. Even now when I sail with a GPS, I tend to way over estimate how fast I'm going in very choppy conditions....... It'll go something like this..... "WOW that must have been at least 35 knots, looks down at GPS 30.66.... No way that must be wrong!!!, and then bugger, how do guys do 40knots in chop?".

The other thing with gps it allows you to measure a variety of aspects of windsurfing: On our GPS Teams Comp in OZ, we are using: 2 sec peak; 5x10 sec average; NM; 1 hour' Alpha 500; and Distance travelled. Each category requires it's own technique and discipline, and is a great learning tool.

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