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Default RE: 2005 freesex 110

OK, so then you are doing freestyle after all. That changes things a bit. But still, I don't think the Freesex 110 is the earliest planing board, particularly not with a 7.6. Of course, its workable, but its not ideal. In your signature, you say you have a Go 139. For ideal performance with a 7.6, it seems better to replace that board with a big s-type or iSonic and then get a smaller freestyle board for 6.6 and down. If you want to go with a big freestyle boards, my advice would be to go with a big Flare (06 or 07). They have much faster rockers and with bigger fins they are quite nice freeride boards (ut you can still not load them up in the same way as the dedicated freeride offerings, of course). I weight 68 and my Flare 99 works good with a 7.0 Hot Superfreak in freeride type sailing.
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