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Default RE: 2005 freesex 110

What else would you recomend? I want something to replace my go... I don't really like the board for the type of sailing I do. I want something fast with flat water and that I can chop hop etc when the conditions get a little choppier. I will sail this board with my whole quiver 7.6 down to a 5.0) untill I can afford a smaller board (around 90 L maybe). After I get that board, the one I am going to get now is going to be my light wind board.

I am not a big guy... 140-150 pounds tops. All I want out of this board is that it handles big sails (ie 7.6 etc) and it planes early... I do not want a carve or isonic. I had a tabou rocket 115 that I loved when I tried it, but there was a bubble on the bottom of the board... So I want something fast, manueverable but early planing. I don't care if it takes technique, I can learn that. I just want something as I said above. Early planing and fast. I wanna be able to chop hop it too. The rocket when I tried it was amazing for jumping when the chop got bigger.

I guess ya... Something around 115 L to 120 L for my board too. I was thinking maybe an s type 115. But I will have to see if it is an early planer or not.

Any suggestions anybody?
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