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Default RE: EVO recommendations..

Thanks for all the info Ola.!
My previous board was about 90 was shaped to plane up extremely easy in on-shore conditions yet was still extremely loose in side-off shore conditions as well-it was a great board .

As far as the EVO 90 is concerned- I guess what I reallly meant to say or ask was- when its blowin 5.2 (20-25 knotts for me)- will the EVO 90 still feel loose and dialed in- or will it be bouncing all over the place and hard to turn or will it still feel OK ?
I'm inclined to go w/ the EVO 80 but am concerned that I'll miss out on those 15-17 knot days w/ light wind and clean surf...

Not to swithch gears- but how do the EVO's fair in onshore conditions? Do they plane up easily (w/ the right fin ) to get through the impact zone or are they geared more towards side off conditions?
Also- what fin do you recommend (w/ both the EVO 80 & 90 ) ?

Once again thanks for all your help!
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