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Ian Fox
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Default RE: SB2007 website is online now, please post your comment here.

If you made it this far without menu navigation, CONGRATULATIONS.

There's a real bug in the whole site that was not present in the test version we had run since last week - and this has caused the whole menu based navigation to not (yet) appear. One of the background reasons is the whole new site also has moved to a completely new server location, and we have seen some very real(and very) long propogation delays whilst the new settings fan out all round the world.

We've been on it day (and nite) and should be good to go in the next few hours.

Please be patient and enjoy "hacking" around to find what you can in the meantime

You can see iSonic detail at
if you can't get to it from the webpage.
(click each model/size number will bring up the graphic if any problem)

Cheers ~ Ian
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