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Default RE: Wood Deck Care and Maintenance

Hi Merryfrankster
The Nylon material that is mentioned is called Peel ply fabric. It is a nylon that epoxy does not stick to but will allow excess epoxy to blead thru if you use a vacuum bag or if you squeegie the repair you can draw out the excess epoxy with paper towel or the cotton obsorbant blanket that is use in vacuum bagging. The peel ply is left on until the epoxy is cured then it peels off when your done. Just leave it oversized so you can grab a dry end to pull it off. It will leave the tecture of the fabric on the epoxy, the other thing it will do is pull any alimine blush with the fabric. ( alimine Blush is a waxy film left behind the by the cured epoxy) Check out West Systems epoxy they have a great composite DIY book. Good luck Mike T
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