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Default HYPERSONIC!!!!!

I was thinking how excellent the hypersonic 105 2003 was at being a lightwind board. I tried my friends with a 7.6 and could get planing very fast and easily. Once more wind comes and you get more powered :-O so much fun. So fast.

But roger, my question was, how does the 2004 hypersonic 111 compare to the 2003 hypersonic 105?

I took out my friends hypersonic in severly non planing conditions and could uphaul it, tack it, jibe it etc, but I don't really go out in conditions that you are barly moving... The volume of the 111 just gives me that added security I guess.

Tell me what you think of a hypersonic replacing my go. I do hear its a more technical board, but I tried it already and love it And I found one for a good price.

Should I maybe get a mast protector/nose protector for it? Since I will be sailing this in choppy conditions, would that make the board that little bit more durrable? I am getting it in DRAM if I get it. But any ideas to make it last that bit longer would be awsome

Thanks for the help

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