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Hi Thomas,
OK, now you have me confused......?
It's probably your youthful exuberance and enthusiasm shining through, but you definitely said you weren't interested in an Isonic, but now you are very interested in a Hypersonic.
The Hypersonic 111 is very similar to the Hypersonic 105 from the year before. The nose is a bit rounder, and (like all Hypersonics besides the HS 96 (which I have and cherish)) the shape of the bottom is nearly identical between the '04 HS 133/111/96, and (except for the rounder nose and a little less "wing" near the back) the bottom contours are nearly identical to the '03 125 and 105.
But, my confusion comes when you said you wanted a board for bump and jump, not just going fast.
The Hypersonics are all quite fast. The Isonics are a little faster yet,
but neither of these "dedicated slalom machines" is going to jump or jibe or turn like a Carve or Kombat.
Yes, the HS 111 would be a good board for you, and you can put a nose protector (either purchased from Starboard or home made) on to protect the nose ( but I really doubt that you'll ever "stuff the nose"),
but the Hyper isn't a great jumper. Little chop hops, off waves and swell from the right direction, yes, but truly jimping, I don't think so.
So, you have to decide where your next goals lie, and look for boards that will do the things you want to do.
Wanna go fast...... get the Hypersonic 111 DRAM.
Wanna jump, do terrific looking carve jibes.... look for a Carve 99/101/111/121/122.
Carve 99/101 with a 32 cm fin should handle your 7.6 really easily.
I used to sail the Carve 99 with a 7.5 Retro and a 32 cm fin all the time.
But, you don't get much early planing with this combo. Early planing for a 100 liter rec/slalom board yes, but compared to your GO 139, or a Carve 122; Isonic 122; Hypersonic 111 DRAM... no way.
Hope this helps,
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