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I have heard that the isonics were really expensive and fragile. That is thte only reason I do not want one.

I have been spoken to about boards by a lot of the members of my local sailing crew. It seems I would be way better off getting a light wind board and than a dedicated high wind board compared to a one board does all thing.

AFter sailing my Go last sunday in really powered 7.6 conditions and learning how to ride the fin from a good friend of mine, I am now addicted to speed!!!!!!! I don't really care too much about nice carve jibes. As long as I make it around im good

as for chop hops, I have seen my friends 105 hyper doin some pretty decent airs, and thats all I am looking for right now. Like clearing the fin to head hight tops and even that is pushing it for a lightwind board. I will get better jumps and arials once I get enough money for a higher wind board.

I want the hyper to be a good board from 7.6 down to 5.8 conditions for speed sailing (since I am not addicted) but also be good for just blasting with friends (and overtaking them ) but once I get my higher wind board, it will be from 7.6 down to 6.6 probably

I am really considering the 111 hypersonic.

You say its a pretty early planer? My friends hypersonic with him on it (hes the same weight as me) is the fastest planer out on the water at my spot! I would love to see what the extra 6 litres would do!

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