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Default RE: Hatteras and Fins


Yes, I was there sailing on my Huckers, a 6.6 and 5.6, both in red and blue, and on my Mistral Screamer 114 and a rented Mistral Synchro 102. I too was way overpowered on my 5.6 Hucker on Thursday afternoon and Friday, but when I went down to my 4.7 wave sail, I missed that Hucker power!

Those were 2 awesome days of sailing.

What Hucker were you on? The red and yellow 2006 6.6? I think I spoke with a young guy who might have been your son (Brendon?), who was on that Hucker and the 2007 Carve 144.


P.S. I sailed several hours per day on the lower wind days of Saturday through Wednesday, on my Formula with a 9.5 and a 44 cm weed fin, and a rented Serenity, which totally rocked! The Serenity will be my next board purchase...
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