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Default Would a 133L Carve work

Hi Guy,

Great information on this forum for newbies. I think I have this mostly figured out now after the 6 months of online and Windsurfing Mag brain cramming. I have never windsurfed but alway's new I was for me. I can finaly spend the time and money to learn it.

My question is I would sail mostly in 12-15 km winds with probably a 7.2 Neil Pryde Saber sail (mabey the Hellcat). I'm 26yrs old 5'-7" and 155lbs and athletic. I'm looking for the one rig setup that I can learn, be challenged and not outgrow. I never give up and learn fast. I know learning on a carve might be harder then a GO but I just feel like the Carve is a happy medium with still being able to learn and yet have a board that will keep me trying to find it's limits for a good couple of years.

I'm looking for a personal answer. Cause someday's I feel like i'm sure i'm seeing this right, then Mr. X blog and seems he's suggesting something way off. My goal is to in the long run catch some good air good speed and do a few small trick for my own pleasure. Would also be nice if that Rig can take on a +-5km shift in the winds.

Should I make a adjustment to my board or sail sizing.

Wow feels good to get that off the chest..

Thanks Guy's
Daniel M.
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