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Default What wave board?

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Hi all

Trying to make a decision on what wave board to get.

Great Lakes (Ontario / Erie) and Finger Lakes of NY State (fresh water).

Frontal onshore winds typically 15-25 kts (less and I'll ride my Fanatic Skate 112 or C131). Have a Naish 8'7" for 4.5-3.5 range, so am looking for 6.3-ish to 4.7 or so. Am inclined to stick with SB or Fanatic.

Am a good jumper and decent at freestyle but at 50 y/o and very busy I frankly haven't got time / inclination to learn the new freestyle stuff. But B&F blasting gets dull, frankly, and these lake go off pretty well with .5m to 3m swells and pretty good surf on some beaches due to bottom shape. The shorebreak is often pretty harsh. So I want to get good at frontside waveriding with aerials. When it's really blowing, I LOVE to jump, and I'd really like to ride the waves a lot better.

Seems like the boards to consider are 58?2 cm widths:

SB Kombat
SB Evo
Fanatic Freewave
Fanatic Allwave

2007 Evo's have apparently been biased away from ORBs. Otherwise, I think this board was the call in 2006.
Kombat - how good at hard carving on short tight-pitched waves?

Why SB over the Fanatics?
I have quite a few wave fins in Powerbox base, which would seem to argue for the Fanatic Freewave (which I think is the only in this group that takes PB fins).


PS - Wt ~70 Kg
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