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Hi Thomas,
If you have a good price on the Hypersonic 111, then go for it.
The Hypers are not for everyone! Lot's of sailors didn't like them, but you've been on one so you have a bit of an idea what they are about.
At your weight, and with your enthusiasm, I'm sure you will be one of the earliest to plane and one of the fastest as well as long as the water stays fairly flat.
I hope it's the right move for you, and yes, there is no "one board" solution, but the Hypersonics probably come as close to this more than any other board I can think of.
They jibe OK, you just need to figure out how to jibe them, and they also chop hop, but if you land them flat, you are probably going thru the deck at some point.
Acids, Evos, and Kombats are reinforced for jumping. Hypersonics,
Isonics, Formula boards are not. Just keep this in mind and if you simply have to jump, learn very quickly how not to land "flat", or you will be facing some serious repair bills.
Hope this helps,
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