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Default RE: Would a 133L Carve work

That really hit's home. I will most likely travel on occasion to sail some higher winds but looking a the wind paterns I have to see the reality that on most day's 15km, is what I can expect.

I like the GO and my local shop does carry it, Would a 139L be enough or should I get the 155L??

I wanted the Neil Pryde because it's a nice sail, I guess "cool" is a side factor but honnestly I was thinking it was a good match to get the maximum out of the board.

My local shop does carry sailworks sails so thanks for suggesting the Retro I'll seriously check it out. I'm thinking I should go bigger the 5.0 for my winds??

This shop does offer courses and was planning on starting with that. I all ears when someone wants to give me advice and tricks of the trade.

Here is the link of my local shop is ever your curious to see what at my disposition.

Thanks again Rod and Roger!!

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