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Default RE: Would a 133L Carve work

Go 139? I have one... Great for learning on and I am selling it. I am in canada too

Let me know if you are interested. Its really stable and great to learn on. I just want something a bit faster. But I have been on it with a 5.8 when others have been on a 73 pure acid and 5.3. It is pretty fun, but ideal for flat water. I had this conversation with roger about the "ideal board" from my experience of trail and error asking biszilions of questions... I would say get something bigger and learn on it... than keep that for light winds. after that, you can buy a 90-100 litre board for your tricks etc that would handle around 15 knots and up... but usually most people have 3 boards... I still only have the Go, but am looking at another one. The go is for sail so pm if you are interested
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