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I bought an Evo 83 and sailed it a few times this Summer. I agree with Ola. The Evo 83 is useable even on flat water and very nice in windswell and chop, nevertheless the accent is very much on control and in such conditions something with crisper rails would be nicer (Kombat 86/87?).
I think that, in the case of normal non-sponsored sailors, much depends on how many boards one wants in its quiver. This year I decided that I want just two boards in my quiver. I own a Sonic 95 that was intended to be used in flatwater from marginal 7,6 up to fully powered 6,6 race sails conditions; and finally I discovered I feel comfortable on it even in heavy chop. After that, I decided to have one only wave board, which was required to do well in marginal 5,8 weather and some chop and still hold in overpowered 5,0 weather and (not extreme) sideshore conditions. I think the Evo 83 fills the task very nicely, expecially after discovering that there is quite a big overlap in wind range with my 6,6 slalom and 5,8 wave setups. Did I want one more board, I would probably have had a Kombat 86 and an Evo 74 instead of my Evo 83; but I doubt that would have found much justification in my case.
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