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Default iSonic 122 for Ian

Hi Ian,

I have been reading a lot of your opinions about the iSonics and I tend to think that iSonic 122 would be a good board for me as you mentioned that it is great board for heavyweights (I am 96kg, 190cm).

The sails I intend to use are 8,2 and 6,8 NS Warp. I am confident that with 8,2 the iS122 would be a great board to put the hammer down and run it in windspeeds up to 20knots. But how about the 6,8?

I am not interested to participate in slalom comps but more for GPS runs (lake, open sea).

(iS133+iS111 might be a better combo but if I could stick 6,8 and 8,2 on one board I could afford formula for light wind days).

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