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Default RE: iSonic 122 for Ian

Hi Ian,

Thanks a lot for the ideas! It will really come down to balancing things as you they - compromising.

My most often conditions for slaloming are 12-14 up to 20 knots (80-90%) and then 20-30 knots (gusts up to 35 knots) (10-20%). But then I haven' t included the days with winds below 12-14 knots which are most of the days in the area I live in (like 75-80%).

Taking into account the fact that I don' t want to swim back shore, I would probably take iSonic101 as my smallest board. I don' t see myself on iS87 in lake conditions. iS101 should be sweet with 6.8.

Then iS122 could be the best bet for 8.2 and 12-20 knot range, as I would probably get wet with iS111 from time to time at the lower side of that windrange (lots of whole in the wind especially at the other side of the lake). I don' t think I can uphaul 8.2 on iS111. I would be at least knee deep in the water. And if the water is 10-15 degrees Celsius (sometimes 6 degrees) - I wanna uphaul rather than wait for the wind to waterstart.

And then there seems to be space for Formula and 11.x for winds below 12 knots. Or alternatively I could choose iSonic 133 + 9.8 sail.

Is iSonic133 fun to sail with 9.8? Does it feel balanced?


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