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Default RE: F-type and smaller sails? FT and a beginner who starts to plane.

- lean the sail into the wind
- with your back foot you push across the board against the fin
- you also level out the board (keep windward rail up ever so slightly) with your back foot (push through the toes as well)
- with your front foot you pull the board towards the wind (you're not doing that yet)
- you lean forward (into to the direction you would want to go) and apply massive MFP doing so

if you do all of the above and still aren't going upwind, then you're not doing the above.

Usually people fight strong gusts by going upwind, thats seams to be a natural instinct. Its kind a strange that you're not...

as to the scared thing, get a smaller board for those occasions (any old second hand thing will do)
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