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Default q on isonic and sails

Hi there.

I currently run on an isonic 87, very nice board indeed. My weight is 78 kg's and my current quiver is Severne CR 6.7 and 5.6, works very nice.

The recommended sail range for the 87 is 5-7 sq m, but as this is my only board I'd like to push it to the limit, and a bit beyond as this is my only board so far.

When hitting 26-27 knots I find that I'm reaching my limit with the 5.6 CR, it's possible to sail, but it's not really comfortable. So I'm looking at getting a smaller sail in order to extend my range.

I would like to stick with race sails (CR type) as I like the feeling of that type of sail.

Question is, would the 5.1 do the job, or is the gap too small ? What are your experiences ?
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