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Default First Time Planing!

Hi Roger, Hi All,

Just a quick note to report that I managed to get up on the plane for the first time over the weekend and now know what all the fuss is about! An exhilarating experience and I am even more hooked than before. Thank you Roger and those of you who have given me advice over the last year or so. It has really helped.

I would like a little help on one point if I may. My set up is a Carve 145 with a standard 56cm fin and either a 5.0m or 6.5m rig. I have been shown by my instructor to place the mast foot about an inch from the front of the mast track. I sail on the south coast of England in calm/semi-choppy conditions with winds between Force 2/5. I am around 170 pounds and 5 ft 6.

As I get to go out in slightly windier conditions now, I find my board is much more responsive/sensitive to my movements. I found the transition from huge learning board to this board quite a challenge but feel now that it has been worth it in the long run. I had thought that I would find it difficult to head up wind but this is not the case. The difficulty seems to be sailing upwind. The board seems to point up wind all the time even when I do not want it to! Is this normal or is my technique letting me down? I have tried to uphaul with the rig pushed forward which helps a little but once under way off we go again and I seem to stall - eventually getting back winded and dumped.

This is the case right up to the point I start planing (yippee!). Then I hare off down wind at a rate of knots! I think it may be because in opposing the rig leaning back, I am actually raking the rig back too? Any thoughts or advice please?

Once again thanks for your support.
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