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Default RE: EVO recommendations..

hey jordanw and ola h,

You wanted a heavy weight to reply? Here i am. 98kg and 1.98mtrs tall. I´ve been sailing the evo 80 since 2003, (later on 83, but i guess there pretty much the same in bouyancy). It has done very well for me. I used to have a jp 250 pintail to use in extreme winds but hardly used it ´cause the evo worked better for me. I´ve taken it to australia and south africa a couple of times. Last season i decided to buy a 90 too. I´ve hardly used it. Just the occasional time when theres a good swell and almost no wind. I bought myself a 5.8 too for those occasions. I had managed with 4,2 to 5,4 for years.
The 90 works really well and is really easy to control. even in strong winds. The catch for me was that it works very good on the wave when your light to moderately powered up. As soon as you get powered up a little more it gets harder to get the extra width through the turn. By then i´m comfotably on my 83 which has no limits for me.
So in short.
The evo 80 takes care of 95 percent of my surfing hours and is therefore my main tool. The 90 is a good extension. Mainly as an extra when travelling. But you have to be lightfooted and have a well thought of stance. If you´re one of those heavy guys who have a hard time planing and compensate that with a big board and a square metre bigger sail than your friends I´d go for a 90 or practice on a better stance. Good luck

greets scoob
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