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Default RE: q on isonic and sails

Thanks for the feedback and good suggestions.

I'm aware of the water role, there's a significant chop, but I don't feel that the board is uncontrollable or unpleasant, it behaves relatively calm. Was using it with a 32 Techtonic Goldwing, better performance than the stock, and the suggestion on choosing a fin between 30 and 28 seems wise.

Sail trim was quite "hard" extra 2 cm downhaul and full outhaul. Rig felt beyond limit, was controllable, but not enjoyable in the strong gusts.

Going from 5.6 to 5.1 is not enough ? What about going from 5.6 to 4.6 or even a no cam sail of 4.8 ? Suggestions and/or experiences ?
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