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Default RE: Harness and Footstraps


Thanks for this, very very helpful indeed. Managed to go out on Sunday to try and put it into practise, and think I made quite a bit of progress, but very gusty so did fall off the side quite often when I was in te harness!!

At the moment I am using a Carve 145. I have 2 sails, a Gastra Matrix 6.5 and a tushingham tbird 7.5. I'm comfortable sailing in winds up to force 5, although I do need to invest in a couple of smaller sales for the windier days. Can you recommend which sizes I should look at? Also bearing in mind the cost of kit, I don't really want to have to buy 2 masts, would I be better with a 430cm mast? what carbon content?

Lastly I'm obviously wanting progress so always looking ahead - if I was to trade in the 145 once I've got comfortable with the footstraps and Harness, what do you recommend me looking at next?

Thanks for all your help, owe you many drinks!!


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