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Default RE: Stock Fin For Carve 145

Hi Roly,
What year model is your Carve 145?
It's in the serial number as the SW45xxxx000x. (WOOD) SU45xxxx000x (DRAM).
The first 4 "x"s are the year and month your board was built.
That will tell us what fin your board was supposed to be equipped with.
'04/'05 Carve 145's were equipped with 52 cm fins.
Yes, since the recommended sail range for the Carve 145 is 6.0 m2-9.0m2, you probably would do slightly better with a smaller span fin.
But. my guess is that you really haven't gotten your Carve 145 even up to half it's full speed potential, so getting a smaller fin at this point may not be so important.
Later, when you've fully developed your skills and you have the mast foot all the way at the back and the footstraps in the all the way back and outboard positions (and you are "IN" the straps all the time you are planing, then we'll talk about a smaller fin to reduce any tendency to "tailwalk", but I'm pretty sure you aren't there yet.
All of this faster and more advanced "potential" is just over the horizon, so spend as much time planing as you can.
Hope this helps,
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