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Default RE: How to remove the integrated roll

That's great that so many wants to tell me the benefits of the integrated rolls... Unfortunately I'm a freestyle surfer, I prefer faster rigging (after work in the afternoon, after hours of waiting, when you know that the wind disappears with the sunset) than unbelievable accurate downhaul pulling, so I could try my maneuvers quicker. Beleive me, in that gusty lake no point to waste time with the benefits of the 2 cm I get closer to the mastfoot with the integrated rolls...

So, back to the problem, I watched that Instinct and realized that the rolls can be really removed. But how to hook in? I won't beleive that North meant to hook in in that cloth ring which pulled the rolls before... (I'm afraid yes...thus I let the rolls on, I use the sail this way and everybody gets happy except me)

here the link we are talking about
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